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We are excited to slowly be launching each section of our new summer menu, you may have noticed the new salads, pastas & mains on the menu this past weeks, and they sure are delicious. Check out some of the new scodellina & antipasti dishes coming to the menu on June 5th.


Marinated Olives

Lemon & blueberry whipped ricotta

Pistachio & currant pork pate

Goat Cheese & eggplant dip

Marinated Mushrooms


Truffle fries – white truffle oil, grana padano, sea salt

Lamb Meatballs – tomato, spinach, black olive, pecorino

Calamari – green olive, sun-dried tomato, almond, arugula, lemon yogurt

Arancini – roasted mushroom & mascarpone, tomato, grana padano

Roasted Potato – pecorino, lemon, black pepper

Grilled Asparagus – prosciutto crumb, smoked almond aioli

Garlic Butter Lemon Shrimp – white wine, smoked paprika, basil

Beef Carpaccio – cherry tomato, caper, grana padano, chive aioli

Grilled Carrots – pistachio & mint pesto, lemon yogurt

Antipasti Boards – formaggio & salumi