We’ve given Thursday nights a bit of a shakeup, don’t worry Zonin prosecco is still on for half-price. We’ve reduced the price of our scodellina, dishes of antipasti that are the perfect start to a meal! You can now get three for $12 and five for $20.

Plan which ones you want to order from our options below:

Warm House Marinated Olives
orange, garlic, oregano, chili

Salt Roasted Beets
currants, honey, pistachio, goat cheese

fig jam, grana padano, 12 year old balsamic

Lamb Meatballs
tomato, black olive, spinach, pecorino

Roasted Carrots
white balsamic vinegar, cumin, mint, ricotta salatta

Whipped Ricotta
honey, pine nuts

saffron risotto, tomato, roasted chili

Beef Ribeye Carpaccio
arugula, capers, porcini aioli

Roasted Eggplant
goat cheese, dried tomato, garlic

Chicken Liver
black currant, olive oil, sea salt

Truffle Parmesan Fries
white truffle oil, grana padano, sea salt

Roasted Asparagus
hazelnut, egg vinaigrette, grana padano

Tomato Bruschetta
tomato, roasted garlic, goat cheese, 12 year balsamic, basil