Eau Claire distillery is taking over the well at Cibo! Join us to sip, sample and learn more about this fantastic Alberta distillery!

Our friends out in Tuner Valley do an incredible job crafting small batch, premium spirits from grain to glass. To share their distilling knowledge, and offer guests a chance to try some of these great spirits, we have invited Eau Claire Distillery to be our guests for the evening at Cibo!

Join Marty from Eau Claire on March 8th from 5 pm to 8 pm for an evening of craft cocktail creation! On the menu will be four new, delicious craft cocktails, along with food features.
Below are the cocktails of the evening! Reserve your next table at Cibo here!

Smoking Cactus – Prickly Pear Equineox Cocktail

1.5 oz Equineox

.5oz Mezcal
.75oz lime juice

Top with ginger booch

Eau Claire Vesper – Three Point Vodka and Equineox Cocktail

1.25oz EquineOx

.5oz Vodka

.5oz Lillet Blanc

Saskatoon Gin Sour – Parlour Gin Cocktail

2oz parlour gin

1.5oz lemon juice

1oz simple syrup

4oz saskatoon berries

.5oz egg white

50 Shades of Ginja – Parlour Gin Cocktail

1.5oz parlour

.5oz ginger liqueur

.75oz lemon juice